Tempting Recipe For An Emotionally Meaningful Product Or Service Launch

Your brand plans to launch a new product or service, code-named BigHope, with the goals of increasing revenues and expanding your customer base.

To this end, you have asked Emotive Brand to describe how it would approach this challenge.

We believe that the most successful brands and products help people get what they want and need – ways to create new meaning in their lives. We are in the business of finding relevant meaning within brands, products and services, and bringing that appealing and differentiating power to light.

For BigHope, our goal will be use the kitchen of emotive branding to prepare an emotionally meaningful – and very tasty – positioning for BigHope.

We will start by carefully considering the recipe of the relationship between people and BigHope. We will mix together whatever information you provide, bake in insights we gather on our own, and throw in spicy dashes of instincts and imagination.

From this Smörgåsbord, we will then distill what we see as the “meaningful truths” at work when people think about, and experience, what BigHope promises. We will also conduct a tasting of the positive emotions that come into play throughout the BigHope milieu. 

Based on these key ingredients – truths and feelings – we will whip up an emotionally meaningful position that will put the icing on the BigHope cake. We will then serve up this idea so it can be easily digested inside and outside your company. 

This is the world we’ll aim to create around BigHope: delicious, gratifying, irresistible.

There will be the sweet smells of bakeries first thing in the morning, the earthy abundance of a farmer’s market and baskets of freshly caught seafood. There will be flutes of champagne, flights of fine wines and exotic juices to savor. There will be servers offering superb hors d’oeuvre, a buffet overflowing with the most delicious choices and a chef with a brilliant white toque beckoning. Secret recipes revealed, traditional methods exposed and new fusions brought to the palette.

BigHope has the potential to be fun, dynamic, informative, engrossing – and emotionally meaningful.

We look forward to sitting down at the table and sharing this experience with you.

Bon appétit!

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