Reconstructing the Bridge Between Your Brand and Your Employees

Right now, there’s some sort of bridge between your brand and your employees.

That bridge defines the nature of the relationship between your brand and the hearts and minds of your employees.

Think back, when, how and why was it built?

Ask yourself, does it serve the needs you have today?

Are you aware of what crosses that bridge every day?

Do your employees act as though the bridge only goes one way?

To seize today’s opportunities, and to be better fit for the future, you need to rebuild that bridge.

It’s time to add more lanes going in both directions, so there’s more of a give-and-take between the two sides.

It’s time to add many more on and off ramps to your bridge, so it reaches beyond the rational points of interest and goes deeper into the vast emotional areas on both sides.

It’s time to make every trip to your brand more emotionally meaningful, so that employees want to cross that bridge more often.

The keys to emotional meaning are already there, hidden on your side of the bridge.

Draw them out, light them up, and signpost them clearly.

Then watch as your employees return home filled with greater purpose, ambition and gratification.

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