Meaningful Brands evoke “Of Course” Moments

Meaningful brand

Meaningful brands make people feel good.

We came across a reference to Christian Lindholm, of the design firm Fjord, and his “of-course principle of design”.

“Most companies, he said, are looking to ‘wow’ with their products, when in reality what they should be looking for is an ‘of course’ reaction from their users.”

We’re not opposed to brands creating a “wow” sensation, at least when there is a genuine reason to make people feel that way.

Often, it is better for brands to strive to create numerous “of course” moments with the people vital to their success.

These are moments when a basic need is met in a new, relevant and meaningful way.

These are moments that, in small ways, improve people’s well-being.

These are moments in which a brand helps people create new meaning in their lives.

These are moments that add up to a truly meaningful connection between brands and people.

As people navigate through the world your brand seeks to create, make sure you anticipate every twist and turn along the road, show people the best possible route for what they want and desire, and give them small, but significant ways to create meaning for themselves along the way.

Transform the way your brand reaches out to people.

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