Brand Love: Man Creates Lego Film to Propose To Girlfriend

We came across this on the Truly, Deeply blog: US film maker Walt Thompson spent 22 hours shooting 2,600 pictures along with unmentionable hours of editing to create a Lego inspired marriage proposal for his girlfriend of four years. As Dave Ansett, the man behind Truly, Deeply put it:

“Can there be a much higher tribute to a brand than to be woven into the most important and valued moments of our lives?”

We agree.

Lego has attained a truly meaningful position in the hearts and minds of people the world over.

And while not every brand may have the intense emotional resonance of Lego, we believe every brand can benefit from consciously connecting to the human desire for meaning. 

By finding the ways you can, and already do, matter to people, you can use those insights to inspire them to care, think, talk and act in new ways that will enrich their lives as well as improve your brand’s performance. 

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