Beyond Identity: Achieving a Presence That Matters

A new product or service is ready to be launched.

A logo, a set of colors and a design look and feel are decided.

A brand guidelines PDF is published.

And, for many people, a brand has been established.

But for products and services to survive in today’s world, much more needs to be done.

In today’s world, branded products and services need to go beyond establishing an identity and create a presence that truly matters.

Going beyond brand guidelines, they need to take on a presence-defining behavior that engages, enchants and gratifies people – by linking what the brand does to their hopes, dreams, aspirations, needs and interests.

Beyond the look and feel, the behavior is defined by the voice of the brand and the messages it sends; the functional ease of working with the brand; and the people, ideas and causes with which the brand associates.

This behavior adds a third dimension to the product or service.

It creates an aura and presence around the brand that is far deeper, meaningful and powerful than a mere identity.

This evolved approach to branding products and services not only creates a powerful magnet to draw people to the brand, but also serves as a wonderful glue that keeps all the people who work for the brand spirited, aligned and purposeful in their work.

Establish a way of being that matters for your branded products or service, and your business will thrive in the Age of Meaning.



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