An Unmissable Video for Anyone Looking to Engage Employees

We came across this 15-minute video of a talk by Gary Hamel in which he outlines his thoughts on the future of management: “You can’t build a company that’s fit for the future without building one that’s fit for human beings.”

He pinpoints three challenges facing today’s organizations: accelerating change, hyper-competition and commoditized knowledge.

Commoditized knowledge was the challenge that got our brain cells fired up, particulary when Mr Hamel posed this: “How do you build an organization where people are willing to bring their gifts of initiative, creativity and passion?”

This is what we strive to do through emotive branding. We share Mr Hamel’s hope that, “In some small way you become a champion of the future, dedicated to creating an organization that fully utilizes and fully honors the gifts of every person who comes there every day.”

Watch the video here.



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