All Together Now: “It’s A Channel, Not A Strategy”

Once again we share the brilliant insights of Tom Fishbourne.

Tom illustrates the problem of being more focused on the channels of communication than on what your brand is trying to achieve in this world.

Hearing that everyone is posting to Facebook, sending tweets and “pinning” things on Pinterest naturally perks our attention, and suggests we will be missing out if our brand isn’t “there”.

But, honestly, there is no “there” there (sorry Oakland).

It is not enough to simply “be” in a space, be it digital, social or the latest hot app or site.

So, don’t think of how “going digital” will help your brand…think of how your brand can make the digital space more useful, beneficial and meaningful to your customers, prospects, employees, partners, investors and communities.

Consider what’s emotionally important about your brand and bring that to life in new ways in the digital wonderland.

Make your brand more personally relevant by helping all the people important to your brand be more productive, efficient, healthy, wiser, fitter, smarter… or whatever it is that works to make your brand feel more necessary, desired and treasured.

And finally, don’t think about “campaigns” as much as establishing, nourishing and fostering a meaningful presence that works powerfully whenever people choose to access your brand digitally.

Of course, all this starts with having a clear idea of your brand’s reason for being and by defining the ways your brand can be truly emotionally meaningful to people.

That’s strategy.

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