A New Offering from Emotive: A Six-Week Diagnostic Engagement



It’s a new year. Hopes are high, goals lofty, and expectations never greater. Is your team aligned with your vision? Are employees ready to execute as you hope they will? Are customers clear about who you are and what you can do for them?

Let us help you find out with a six-week engagement conducted through the lens of brand, to assess emotional alignment across your leadership, employees and customers. 



What we can do

  • Assess alignment across a leadership team and identify areas for reconciliation
  • Determine how employees are feeling about the company and the degree to which they seem motivated to deliver
  • Find out how customers feel about your company and how to deepen your relationship with them
  • Uncover the emotional dynamics of the industry and where you sit within it
  • Start to steer your company and brand to be more emotionally conscious, resonant and motivating


How we’ll do it

  • 3-hour diagnostic work session with leadership team
  • 1:1 interviews with leaders
  • All-employee sentiment audit
  • 1:1 customer interviews
  • Competitor sentiment analysis
  • 3-hour insights and recommendations work session with leadership team


Duration: 5-6 weeks


Contact Tracy Lloyd 
Co-founder and CSO

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