Innovative startup redefines software engineering.

A brand new visual identity helps convey Harness’ game-changing approach to software.

Services Provided
– Brand Strategy
– Visual Identity
– Copywriting
– Website Design
– Brand Guidelines

In the software world, deploying updates is a nerve-racking process. Outside of a few big players at the top, most developers lack the ability to do their job without fear of breaking something.

Harness is a technology startup that not only understands this pain, it has mastered an innovative approach called Continuous Delivery which completely levels the playing field. By allowing developers to seamlessly build, test, and release software, Harness acts as a software safety net.

Operating in “stealth mode,” Harness needed to craft a visual identity to articulate its unique vision. Harness sought a look and feel that was dynamic, nimble, and above all else, made things easy and simple.

With two target audiences that are stylistically very different – developers and C-suite executives – the brand experience needed to strike a delicate balance. More than anything, Harness was seeking a design that understood and solved the pain developers experience daily.

What We Learned Along the Way

Nothing sells itself.

In the world of tech, there is a misconception that aesthetics are low priority. If the product works like it’s supposed to, it will sell itself. Yet in an incredibly crowded eco-system, no brand can afford to forgo creating a compelling brand story and visual identity.

Be clever, not cliché.

Many brands seek to adopt a brand voice that is clever, irreverent, or cheeky. Yet, if you draw your personality from clichés or tired internet slang, you’ll end up sounding like everybody else. The key is to develop a voice that is clever, but not cloying.

Pain points are starting points.

Sometimes, there is no better common ground than a common frustration. Identifying customer pain points can be a generative first step in determining an identity. When each aspect of a brand — including its design — solves a problem, its value is reinforced every step of the way.

“Harness understood the importance of investing in their brand early on – even while they were operating in “stealth mode.” When it comes to solidifying your brand, there’s no such thing as too early.”

Tracy Lloyd, Chief Strategy Officer, Emotive Brand

Bringing Strategy to Life

Bold, Clean, Frictionless
The overall visual identity of Harness is one of ease and simplicity. The design inspires the same confidence and clarity that Harness’ technology provides.

Harness allows developers to move fast without fear of failure. Emblematic of that protection, the brand logo was designed to represent a safety net.

Harness.io brand

Believe the Impossible
Continuous Delivery makes developers believe the impossible. By the same token, key visuals show clever illustrations of people and animals overcoming great challenges with ease.



Clear, Honest, Authentic
The photographic style was chosen to be authentic and journalistic. The black and white tones keep things crisp, neat, and in focus.


Experience that Works

Out of the shadows, into the spotlight.

Because Harness was operating in “stealth mode,” we needed to move fast to meet its public launch date. Quickly synthesizing strategy, product, and category, we were able to create a vision for the brand, without having a past to reference.

Think before you speak, listen before you think.

Long before we set pen to paper, we worked with the Harness team to truly understand how it was different from its competition. We needed to understand the pain Harness was solving before we could begin to develop their brand.

Nothing says more than simplicity.

New technology is exciting, but potential customers can be apprehensive if they are unfamiliar with the offering. Nothing says “ease of use” like simplicity. We created a brand experience that was simple and clean to give potential customers confidence.

You’re only as strong as your story.

For many developers, Harness makes the seemingly impossible, possible. It needed a Brand Story and Promise strong enough to shift the common perception around software deployment. We turned Harness into a brand that can conjure the magic of believability.