Brand Category Creation: A Strategy for Success

Brand category creation

Category creation, when done right, is nothing short of a game changer. Learn about when, how, and why to create and leverage a new brand category that will position your business to thrive.

A brand’s category is the foundation of its positioning. It will determine the points of parity the brand has to meet in order to be considered a legitimate player and highlight opportunities to differentiate. As such, your brand needs to fit the framework of a category that people can understand and easily relate to.

In this White Paper, we discuss things to consider for brand category creation:

· Brand category creation as a frame of reference
· When your brand category isn’t serving your brand
· Investing in a new category
· How to define a new category
· How to name a brand category
· How to gain traction for your new category
· The pay-off of category creation

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Download our White Paper and learn how building a new category can serve as a powerful path to growth for your brand.