Inform every decision with data.

An antidote to the overpromising and under-delivering of AI, ML, and everything in-between.

Services Provided
-Brand Strategy
-Visual Identity
-Corporate Narrative
-Website Design
-Collateral Design
-Brand Guidelines

Sisu is an operational analytics platform that helps companies rapidly uncover the hidden factors driving changes in their business. Created from years of machine learning research at Stanford University, Sisu needed to emerge from stealth mode with a brand as bold and distinct as their revelatory product.

As a business, Sisu exists to crack open the black box of data surrounding AI & ML. They help analysts get the facts and understand the “why?” behind their most complex questions. In creating Sisu’s website, logo, and visual identity, we harnessed that same spirit of curiosity—literally creating a dynamic box of multiple perspectives. Through generative, procedural line work and dynamic animations, we sought to create an identity that inspires as many questions as it answers.

What We Learned Along the Way

Never stop asking why.

The goal of great design is not to provide an answer, but rather an inquiry. At every touchpoint, we aimed to inflame people’s sense of curiosity and provoke them to ask even bigger questions.

Rocketing out of stealth.

You only get one first impression. Coming out of stealth should feel like a celebration, an articulation, and an exclamation—all at the same time.

No guesswork, no b.s.

The AI and ML industry is full of overpromising and under-delivering. The best way to cut through the noise is letting the facts speak for themselves.

“Emotive Brand captured our relentless spirit and distilled it into something precise and beautiful. We now have a strategic design framework that will not only carry us out of stealth, but evolve with us as our company grows.”

Grant Shirk, Head of Marketing, Sisu

Never Stop Asking Why?
The thread running through Sisu and its new brand is about perspective shift and curiosity. It captures their relentless spirt, their quirkiness to view things in new dimensions, and their ability to always push boundaries of what is possible. They needed a visual identity that embodied all of these aspects.


A Logo of Solidity and Curiosity
Sisu wanted to make a solid impression on their space and create immediate impact. Working iteratively with Sisu, we developed a mark that does just that while also sparking curiosity out of a 2D and 3D shape.

A Brand That Can Flex Through All Touch Points
We developed a simple framework that allowed Sisu to rollout out their brand at breakneck speed—from high impact touchpoints to the more tactical templates of white papers.

Dial up the Fun: SWAG
Brand launches out of stealth are exciting times. For employees and prospects, the goal is to ignite and sustain that spirit as the company goes through hypergrowth.

Experience that Works

Shift your perspective.

Sisu gives people the ability to see every angle and aspect of their data. We captured that dimensionality through responsive design that shifts depending on the interaction. While the content is always core, the execution changes.

Cut the fluff.

Sisu makes your data a matter of fact—so it only makes sense to design in a matter of fact way. In every application, we cut straight to the core, eradicating any extraneous details. Less is more. Precision is everything.

Edgy, but not off-putting.

Sisu isn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers. We wanted to equip them with a brand that had as much personality as their fired-up team. We created a bold, direct approach that didn’t sacrifice their credibility.

Embrace the left turn.

Projects pivot. When they do, the most important thing is not to cling to a specific execution, but rather stay true to the strategy. No matter the final product, it’s about elevating the core tenets to something impactful.