A high-growth tech brand shifts its corporate strategy.

A brand story turns a platform into a launching pad.

Services Provided
– Brand Strategy
– Brand Voice
– Employee Engagement
– Messaging Platform
– Corporate Narrative
– Visual Identity
– Brand Guidelines

PubMatic is dedicated to the success of the publishing industry.

As digital publishers struggle to keep up with ever-evolving technology and stay relevant, PubMatic helps publishers create more meaningful connections. Armed with a strong mission, PubMatic was looking to reposition itself from away from ad-tech to a marketing automation platform that truly stands apart as the shining star of digital advertising. They needed an emotive brand strategy that would address this shift, align the company’s global leadership and attract and retain top talent in a hyper-competitive market. In marketing technology, brand survival depends on holding pace with a rapidly changing industry so PubMatic’s strategy needed an agile approach that’s able to flex as the company grows.

Communicating why this company matters meant shifting PubMatic away from a product-based message to a more human, relatable brand story. As part of this evolution, we developed a brand narrative, a corporate visual identity, and an employer brand. The strategy worked. Employees are proud and publishers are thriving. The future for publishing is here and PubMatic is ready.

What We Learned Along the Way

Purposeful leaders create purposeful brands.

Purpose can’t be made up. Leaders who push brands forward with authentic, genuine aspiration for a brand’s potential beyond profit have a much easier time living up to their brand promise. For ambitious companies, a leader with a clear mission brings the brand that much closer to making a meaningful impact

C-suite engagement makes a winning brand strategy.

Brands on the cusp of big change need a great strategy, stat. When clients at the C-level are dedicated to participating in the entire process, from kickoff to guidelines, we can deliver a strategy that is consistent and authentic without skipping a beat.

Know the internal limitations and resources for change.

Falling in love with something out of reach is never a good idea. And changing a brand’s look, especially a global brand, may come with an impractical price tag. Assessing budget limitations at the beginning of the brand strategy engagement will prevent making a commitment that can’t be executed.

“Emotive Brand helped our leadership team align and shift our corporate strategy from a simple SSP to a marketing automation software company serving the publishing industry. The rebrand has had an impact on our business results including improved customer satisfaction, product marketing and go-to-market strategies.”

Matt Wolfrom, PubMatic VP Corporate Communications

Bringing Strategy to Life

A Relationship Technology
Publishing connects brands and people with meaningful experiences. PubMatic’s visual identity explores the power of PubMatic’s platform by showing the ideation of content, the automation of its technology, and the engagement of the people, brands, and publishers it enables.

A Logo That Differentiates
PubMatic’s logo incorporates a graphic device as a representation of the streamlined offering of the One Platform. It’s simplicity stands out it within the crowded industry landscape.

Behind the Scenes
The graphic language represents the connections that PubMatic’s One Platform enables.

Bringing Strategy to Life: Employer Brand

An Employer Brand with Publishing at Its Core
The new visual identity for PubMatic’s employer brand works together side by side with the corporate brand. The look and feel reinforces the brand promise of exceptional people driven to build a future where publishers delight all people with content they love.

Experience that Works

Tell a story that everyone can stand behind.

A compelling corporate narrative helps employees be consistent and motivates them to rally behind their brand. We developed a multi-purpose narrative that everyone at PubMatic can use to tell the brand story with clarity and pride.

Use visual identity to simplify a complex story.

Complex technology needs a simple way to explain its offering. PubMatic’s visual identity does this through powerful graphic language that communicates their unique offering and reaches more people without depending on industry jargon.

Make publishers number one.………………….

Our brand strategy took an empathetic approach to differentiate PubMatic as a brand dedicated to publishers and the publishing industry. By truly understanding and relating to publishers, we were better able to develop a brand that supports their needs.

Find an executive champion to partner with.

Effective brand strategy needs an internal advocate to own the work from start to finish. We engaged the entire C-suite, but relied on the vision and direction of one brand champion to push PubMatic through some major hurdles and keep everything on track and on budget.