Transformative AI solutions for Enterprise IT.

A brand to break through the AI-hype, challenge conventions, and deliver real results.

Services Provided
– Brand Strategy
– Positioning
– Messaging
– Brand Voice
– Corporate Narrative
– Go-To-Market Strategy
– Visual Identity
– Website Design
– Collateral Design
– Brand Videos
– Launch Event

After spending over three years in ‘stealth mode’, the time had come for Moveworks to tell its story.

Still, Moveworks faced a challenge: overcome AI skepticism, carve out a differentiated position in a crowded space, and help future customers, press, and investors understand the complex technology behind their elegant and powerful product.

The brand needed to showcase how its advanced cloud-based AI platform is transforming the future of enterprise IT. The first step was helping Moveworks laser-focus their positioning and key value proposition by defining who they wanted to reach—forward-looking CIOs, what Moveworks will help them do—deliver unparalleled IT support where IT issues resolve themselves, and why they should believe in Moveworks—magically transform your enterprise and become a CIO superstar!

The positioning came to life through a complete brand redesign, updated messaging, the launch of a new website, and an exclusive, invite-only launch event.

What We Learned Along the Way

Lead with attitude.

Rule number one for breaking through clutter: know who you are and don’t apologize for it. Although most clients have an informal understanding of who they are and who they are not, it takes time to formalize and crystalize a brand’s unique and shared beliefs.

Extreme focus delivers exponential value.

Coming out of ‘stealth mode’ is a one-shot deal. To do it right, you must be focused on the message you want people to remember. Introducing your brand to the world with success requires a honed story, a concise set of messages, and a consistent first impression across touchpoints.

Make your customer the hero.

Beloved brands and great customer experiences share a common trait: they put customers at the center and obsess over making them look great. Sometimes it’s not about putting your brand center stage, it’s about putting your customers center stage. Make them the hero and you become one too.  

Emotive Brand got us right from the start. They were able to understand our technology, our vision for the future, the nuances of what makes us different, and delivered us a brand that is cutting through the clutter and aiding us in growing our revenue almost 4x since launch.

Alex Henson, Head of Marketing, Moveworks

Balancing Simplicity and Magic
Moveworks collapses time to create instantaneous resolution. Accelerating the enterprise in real-time meant conveying a sense of getting it done. The brand’s personality was captured in these sentiments: fast, dynamic, and bold, yet simple and direct.

Forward Looking and Precise
The visual identity leans into the concept of fast-forward. The mark conveys an abstract version of the M and W, which reflect each other perfectly and allude to a conversation. It’s about pure simplicity with the right amount of hidden magic.

A Brand Built for CIOs
A heroic photography style puts the target CIO customer front and center and makes them feel like the hero, while leaving other CIOs wanting to get in on the action.


Be Unconventional
Being different means looking different. Too many B2B tech brands are indistinguishable from one another. Not Moveworks. They are not like any other AI company and they shouldn’t look like one.

The Need to Move
Digital manifestations of the brand were imperative. At every touchpoint, we infused the brand system with movement and a sense of acceleration. Building movement into the guidelines ensured the brand could move strategically and consistently in a way Moveworks could own.

An Event That Brings the Brand to Life 
One of the most powerful manifestations of a brand is bringing it to life through events where customers can feel, hear, and even touch the brand. Moveworks hosted an invite-only event for CIOs to learn, network, and get personal with the founding team. The result: a funnel full of leads.

A Brand Video That Tells the Full Story
The video we created needed to spark energy around the Moveworks brand and explain the product in a multi-dimensional way. The challenge was showing the product in real-time, while revealing the intelligence, speed, and breadth of problems Moveworks can solve.

Experience that Works

Find the truth.

We worked one-on-one with the Moveworks executive team to establish the core truths of their brand. These set the foundation for what the brand is built on and from what the brand will continue to grow and evolve.


Operating in stealth mode means constantly thinking and acting in ways that create intrigue and that sustains it. We made sure that every touchpoint leading up to the launch was infused with magic — delighting CIOs and driving curiosity.

Video moves you.

Video dials things up a notch bringing all that great strategy to life. We produced a brand video that evokes Moveworks’ unique spirit, explains the offering, and creates a sense of dynamism around the company.

Calling all recruits.

As Moveworks reached a pivotal point in growth, they needed to not only attract talent, but the right candidates to join their purpose. We created a manifesto to inspire recruits, spur interest, and compel the right people to apply.