behavioral healthcare.

A new website, visual identity, and narrative brings clarity to the tangled world of behavioral healthcare.

Services Provided
– Brand Strategy
– Visual Identity
– Messaging Platform
– Brand Voice
– Brand Narrative
– Copywriting
– Website Design
– Brand Guidelines

Breakthroughs in behavioral healthcare used to come from doctors and psychologists. But now, Lyra is using data to drive the next major breakthrough – one that will not only fix the broken system, but completely revolutionize care from the ground up.

Apart from Lyra, almost everything about behavioral health is complicated. Conventional plans are obtuse and difficult to navigate, the quality and availability of local therapists is a black box, and it’s hard to tell whether recommended treatments are backed by hard evidence or no evidence at all. As a result, workforce engagement with traditional mental health plans is much lower than it would be if everyone who needed help was getting it.

Lyra needed a visual identity that communicated ease and simplicity – and a website that made good on that promise. Eschewing the rigid, cluttered feel of legacy healthcare providers, Lyra sought a modern, clean look and intuitive, dynamic web architecture. Lyra also needed a concise way to articulate its unique value to a wide variety of audiences – members, providers, employers, employees and recruits.

What We Learned Along the Way

Data can be emotive.

Cold hard data isn’t exactly the most inspiring visual – but it all depends on how you use it. If you’re a purpose-led company today, utilizing data can add quality control and a measurable ROI to what was once guesswork.

Mental health isn’t a design “trend”.

Design should always take emotional impact into account, but in behavioral health, the people interacting with the design are often at their most vulnerable. At every touchpoint, the design should be calming, authentic, and empathetic.

Simplicity is the best currency.

In an era where people can call a taxi or book a hotel with the push of a button, users expect everything – even complex institutions like healthcare – to be as easy as an app. Simplicity is the key to transforming consumer healthcare.

“I really believe in what they are doing. Nobody else comes close to achieving what they are in such an important category.”

Tracy Lloyd: Co-Founder of Emotive Brand

Bringing Strategy to Life

New Look, Same Core Story
The Lyra name is evocative of constellations, guiding lights, and a sense of connection. We kept that same central story, but refreshed the treatment for a more modern, human quality.

Creating Meaning in the Intersections
As a symbol, the Lyra star serves as a guiding light for members, providers, customers, and employees. To reinforce this meaning, the star itself is formed out of the intersection of four circles, each representing a core audience.

Technology Plus Human Warmth
As a behavioral healthcare site, many people who visit Lyra will be in a vulnerable emotional state. At every touchpoint, the site conveys a sense of clarity, ease, and warmth – without sacrificing its data-driven insights.

Brand Guidelines at a Glance
The following examples showcase core elements of the Lyra brand: logo, color, and how these elements translate into real-world applications.

Experience that Works

The power of one story.

As startups grow, their stories often need to evolve from the personal to a broader narrative that everyone can relate to, that can be told with ease, and that people can return to again and again for inspiration.

It’s not what you said – it’s how you said it.

Especially when it comes to sensitive topics like behavioral healthcare, a brand’s voice is of paramount importance. Establishing a tonal framework ensures that Lyra is not only saying the right things, but is saying them in the right way.

There are jobs, and then there are callings.

There a million jobs out there, but the people who seek out mission-based, purpose-led companies want to make an impact on the world. Communications, design, and company culture should all reflect that same passion.

Building off a beloved core.

Design is often a balancing act between refining and reinventing. We listened to Lyra to discover what was core to their visual identity, then updated the rest of its brand to hold that same level of emotion and meaning.