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A people brand to distinguish, unite, and celebrate a global and growing workforce.

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FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies was in the middle of major growth and global expansion. With one large acquisition and aggressive organic growth, the company needed a brand that could drive recruitment, retention, and engagement immediately and for years to come. 

In true partnership, Emotive Brand worked with the executive team, HR, and marketing leadership to uncover and elevate a shared identity and build a people brand to unite and enable growth. 

With manufacturing sites across the U.S., Denmark, and the U.K., FDB continues to break new ground and attract talent. From established PhD scientists to college grads, FDB needed a brand that would bring to life the Genki (what FDB calls passion) that lives inside the entire company—transforming possibilities for biopharma companies and their patients.

What We Learned Along the Way

Start somewhere, end somewhere else.

Branding engagements don’t always follow a straight line. The most successful client and agency relationships are those who welcome change, embrace potential, and twist and curve with a project. Unexpected discoveries and insights reveal greater opportunities. So when open minds meet rigorous methodology, the destination is often bigger than you could have imagined. 

We’re not always as different as we think.

At most global organizations, thinking in terms of difference is the norm. Different locations, different backgrounds and histories, different cultures, different facilities, different perks…So when you reframe the question and consider what you do share, it’s surprising to see commonality, kinship, and affinity.

Story can solve for that.

When solving any problem—from recruiting talent to aligning leadership—it’s easy to overlook the power of an authentic and shared story. Taking the time to get to the heart of the matter and unearth, write, and elevate a story that everyone feels rings true can solve problems across brand, business, and culture.

“Emotive Brand became an extension of our team from the moment we started conversations. That is rare. Their team truly understood what makes our company unique. Emotive helped us translate what we instinctively knew into something that could be shared, embraced, and celebrated both internally and externally.”

Liza Rivera, VP of Marketing 

The Genki Inside
Passion—what FDB calls Genki—lives inside everything. It’s within every employee, inside the technology, behind the science, core to manufacturing processes, and central to the accomplishments FDB makes possible for their customers. The Genki Inside celebrates the uniting force of Genki and brings to life the energy behind advancing tomorrow’s medicine.

Marked by Genki
Everything FDB enables is marked by Genki. The team wanted a symbol that embodied its power. So we created a signature Genki mark—an ownable symbol that brings together individual sparks of passion to showcase the collective power of Genki and transform it into a language of its own.

Inviting Passionate People In
We crafted a series of recruitment touchpoints that are both visually synergistic with the corporate brand and that can stand on their own as well. The assets introduce the idea of Genki and invite recruits into the world of energy, dedication, and drive at FDB. 

A Connected and Vibrant System
The visual system operates within a spectrum of vibrancy, individuality, and creativity. The brand can lean into more corporate, introductory touchpoints that may be seen by external audiences. But it can also feel employee-generated and authentically individual and diverse. The graphic language and color palette help create this spectrum.

Experience that Works

Deep diving.

FDB is a complex organization doing complex work. So we went deep into the business, brand, and culture. We talked to everyone from new employees to executive leadership, facilitating several global workshops to ensure complete understanding and maximum impact.

Got Genki?

In order to truly activate the Genki inside FDB, our team had to live and breathe Genki ourselves. By taking on the passionate spirit, dedicated energy, and stop-at-nothing-to-do- better ethos, our brand work felt even more genuine, energized, and prideful.

Momentum: keep it going.

Once we had completed the people brand strategy and design, FDB knew our work together wasn’t done. It was time to get employees and recruits fully on board. We’re now working together with FDB on socialization and activation.

Mark the feeling.

FDB wanted a mark that could encapsulate the power of Genki. We put extreme thoughtfulness towards creating a mark that exuded the feeling of Genki, told a meaningful story, and could become the launchpad for a vibrant system.