Where inclusion meets impact.

Building a fresh brand strategy and expression for a DEI pioneer.

Services Provided
– Brand Strategy
– Brand Architecture
– Visual Identity
– Positioning
– Messaging Platform
– Naming
– Values
– Corporate Narrative
– Copywriting
– Advertising
– Brand Guidelines

In the crowded and largely unregulated DEI category, it can be hard for companies to confidently select the right partner and approach for their journey to an inclusive workplace. Fortunately, Aperian is the real deal. Founded in 1991, Aperian pioneered the understanding and measurement of the value of culturally diverse teams. Now trusted by over half of the Fortune Global 100, they have turned over three million learners into changemakers (and counting!) and this expertise serves as the foundation for their shift into a data-driven, product-led company.

The Aperian and Emotive partnership successfully built a fresh and modern brand experience for this shift and in a way that also showcases their 30 year history. The new brand positioning, architecture, visual identity, messaging, and brand activation elevates a business rooted in customized, people-led trainings to that of a robust data-driven platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, by companies that value inclusion as a way to grow.

What We Learned Along the Way

Simple can be

Aperian came to us with two competing signature brand names in use, wondering which one to use. Not only did we recommend one name, we simplified it from Aperian Global to Aperian – ensuring the brand equity is funneled to the most powerful place in the brand experience.

Avoid following the shiny objects.

DEI is, importantly, a hot topic. Yet the trend seems to be leading with a bold and provocative POV – even if it’s light on substance. Given Aperian’s credible and substantial history, we intentionally avoided following the crowd and stayed true to their roots: well-grounded, impactful work at the intersection of culture and inclusion.

Global comes in all shapes and sizes.

Aperian’s expertise in the space of inclusion comes from their ability to apply a global lens to their approach, content, and clients. However, with a shift from large multinational companies to SMB clients, we helped them redefine what global means: whether global in geography or global in mindset, Aperian can be a partner for growth.

“We had an incredible partnership with Emotive Brand for our brand launch. Working with their insanely talented and creative team was a pleasure. They brought out the best of us in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I’m so proud of the work we did together.”

Amanda Worsfold, Co-President + Chief Product Officer, Aperian

The Aperian Effect
Celebrating Aperian’s cultural insight as the gateway to inclusion, a new identity was developed to express their unique ability to empower individuals to inspire others—opening minds, pathways, and opportunities.

The Gateway
The meaning behind the name “Aperian”—derived from the latin word “aperire” which translates to “to open” or to “provide access to”—inspires a logo design that becomes a flexible window into their clients’ journey.

Balancing Approachability with Expertise
The Aperian brand showcases a deep understanding of culturally diverse teams by combining sophisticated typography with a warm, diverse color palette and authentic photography featuring intimately-cropped moments.

A Catalyst for Growth
Looking to bolster their brand awareness, we helped Aperian launch a brand campaign that spoke to the current moment in which DEI programs are being undermined and underfunded. This relevant and bold campaign helped raise their brand awareness and shifted the conversation from inclusion being just an initiative to a catalyst for growth.

Experience that Works

Learn by Doing.

In order to fully immerse ourselves into the Aperian tools and training, we took the opportunity to participate in one of their signature training tools, and as a bonus, learned more about how we work together as a team.

Walking the Talk.

Frequently, as a part of the immersion phase, it’s considered best practice to interview company leadership. However, taking the guidance to make our own process as inclusive as possible, we opened it up to a wider set of employees across all tenures.

Collaborate, Collaborate.

While we often do need heads down time during a project, we found that at certain times, working alongside the Aperian team in collaborative docs, slides, and chats allowed us to be both efficient and inclusive.

Share the feels.

In a category as rich and emotional as diversity and inclusion, it’s natural to feel things. And we did just that. Many times along the way, we laughed, got goosebumps, and used lots of heart emojis too – all in service of creating something we loved.