Analytic Partners.
Commercial intelligence for unstoppable brands.

Redefine the brand that is redefining marketing analytics. 

Services Provided
– Brand Strategy
– Brand Narrative
– Positioning
– Messaging Platfom
– Growth Manifesto
– Visual Identity
– Brand Campaign
– Executive Workshops

Analytic Partners has been a widely recognized leader in the marketing analytics space for more than 20 years. Many of the world’s top brands have turned to Analytic Partners to measure the effectiveness of marketing tactics and optimize their return on marketing investment. So, what’s the problem? 

No problem, actually. Only opportunity. 

Analytic Partners recognized that today’s rapidly changing landscape requires marketers to have better insights, from more sources, in less time. So the company developed a process and a platform to deliver just that. Emotive helped to name and define the category, reposition the Analytic Partners brand, create a new visual and verbal identity, and introduce it all to the world at internal and external events.

What We Learned Along the Way

Break free from the silos for sustainable growth.

Making confident business decisions requires knowing what’s going on in all parts of the enterprise. When you disregard functional silos, you’re able to gather meaningful information from across the organization –and beyond. Insights from enterprise-wide data are more relevant and impactful to lasting growth.

Think: win-win, not: winner-take-all.

Good positioning distinguishes your brand and gives you a competitive advantage. Great positioning elevates your entire industry and generates even more opportunity for growth and innovation.

The marriage of rational and creative is a beautiful one.

The old left-brain, right-brain argument. We say, why not both? Unexpected creative explorations, when informed by data and science, lead to beautiful, compelling, intuitive visual expression. Don’t be afraid to infuse your analytical side with some imagination, and vice versa.

“We challenged Emotive to understand our new business strategy and quickly develop a brand that both honored our heritage and propelled us into the future. From our first meeting through brand development and, finally, to our annual Business Kickoff meeting, Emotive was a great partner, listening, creating, delivering.”

—Nancy Smith, President and CEO, Analytic Partners

Unstoppable by Design
A distinctive, modern, and dynamic visual identity system was created to reflect Analytic Partners’ sophistication, intelligence and position as an industry leader. A new logo represents strength and stability: the result of combining innovative technology and deep expertise.

An Always-learning, Dynamic Platform
Analytic Partners’ deep expertise is brought to life with a vibrant gradient, tech-forward typography, people-enabled photography and a graphic language of geometric, multi-dimensional line patterns.

Sophisticated + Flexible
The elements of the brand combine to create a flexible identity and variety across various communication sizes and content levels.

A Category of One
The Analytic Partners brand is distinctive and scalable, building upon their past as pioneers in the space, while evolving to be an unrivaled platform brands can’t live without.

Experience that Works

Transformations go deep.

A business pivot of this magnitude may be led by brand, but it requires shifts in every part of the organization. From product engineering to customer engagement and support to job performance metrics, every function and ritual must be reconsidered.

Talk to the customer.

We learned a lot from our executive and employee interviews, but the real magic surfaced in our conversations with our client’s customers. They were the ones who could tell us how Analytic Partners made them feel.

Be an exceptional storyteller.

What makes people think, feel, and do? Stories. The smartest strategies and the boldest plans require thoughtful articulation to drive adoption and action. All of our presentations and every piece of content that we created for our client had to be simple, succinct, and precise.

Infuse day one with emotion.

A new corporate strategy plus a new brand is a lot for an employee to take in. We know that information is more easily understood and internalized when it’s created to have a specific emotional impact, so we designed the internal launch of strategy and brand to evoke feelings of excitement, unity, and commitment.