“Why?” Is A Good Question. “Why Is That Good?” Is A Better One

Seth Godin recently posted about the value of asking “why?”.

He points out that “because I said so” is not a valid answer.

This reminded us of the question we’re always asking our clients, “why is that good?”

Our question comes from the experience of hearing business people talk about their offerings using the superficial and meaningless mumbo-jumbo of jargon.

To help them get below the surface – and to uncover the meaning that lies beyond the jargon – we ask them repeatedly, “why is that good?”.

For example,

“Why is it good that you’ve added a button?”

“Why is it good that that button lets people do X?”

“Now, why is that good?”

It’s like peeling an onion, going down layer by layer to the core.

At the core lies the things that matter to people, what is relevant to them and what they find emotionally important.

In other words, the reasons why they’ll think, care, do, and talk more about your business.

As you think about your business, products and services, think about what really lies at their core beyond the business-speak, technology and jargon.

Peel away until you reach what matters.

Ask, again and again, “Why is that good?”

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