When the “Brand Department” Inhibits the Brand

We recently spoke with someone who works for a well-known company in the telecommunications industry.

Our friend was bemoaning the internal battle going on between the “brand” team and the “product marketing” team.

It seems the brand team was trying to take more and more tasks from the product marketing team so as to “align them to the brand”.

Sounds to us like the brand team should be spending more time making sure everyone in the company – including the product marketing team – is aligned to the brand.

That way, the actions of the product marketing team and indeed those of every employee of the company will all work to build a solid brand.

When brand teams assume the role of “brand police” and act like the exclusive owners of the “brand promise” they actually subvert the brand.

They distance people vital to the brand’s success from the brand.

They reinforce the idea that the “brand” isn’t for “me” or “my department” to care about.

We give our clients a way to get all their people to embrace the ideals of a brand, and to act in ways that contribute to the brand’s meaningful presence in the marketplace.

We don’t introduce rules and regulations.

We connect people and brands in ways that matter.

The rest takes care of itself.

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