What’s Happened to “Human” Resources?


They’ve taken over business.

From the C-Suite to the front-line, everything is measured, evaluated and judged.


Mostly because we can easily measure things now.

But there are limits to the value of metrics.

You can only measure what is evident or what people are willing to divulge.

You cannot measure the intangibles that drive people to believe in, or act on behalf of, an idea.

As some wag put it recently, “You can’t measure the ROI of your mother.”

So as HR departments pore over spreadsheets, and C-Suiters sweat over the results neatly presented in their “Executive Summaries”, people are following their hearts, seeking meaning in their lives and responding to ideas that lift their hearts and spark their imaginations.

Our goals are to get business leaders to look above, below and behind the numbers and rediscover the humans they represent, and to get people (formerly known as employees) to find meaning in the places they work.


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