Tom Asacker On “Broken Brands” – Music To Our Ears

Maybe we should promote ourselves as a “brand repair shop” after Tom Asacker’s brilliant post, “The World Is Littered With Broken Brands”

Here’s an extract.

A broken brand is a business that has no idea where it’s going; has no way of communicating its purpose (since none exists); and therefore cannot align its activities nor inspire its people. It’s in disorder. And this disorder leads to people walking around concluding that no one cares and that no one is in charge.

Employees may see problems or opportunities, but they stop complaining and suggesting ideas, since they’re convinced management can’t do anything, or won’t. I’ve read the results of recent surveys, which showed that fewer than 10 percent of employees believe their daily activities are actually related to corporate goals. That’s unbelievable, and sad.

Leaders are not connecting their organizations’ purposes to the individual’s sense of accomplishment, because the organization doesn’t have a purpose. There may be goals and objectives and “to dos,” but there is no unifying perspective that inspires people and guides their actions.

Our sweet little formula, “Why+Emotions=Meaning” goes a long way to fixing broken brands.

It provides what Tom calls a “unifying perspective that inspires people and guides their actions”. 


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