The World is Going Digital, People Remain Analog


We came across an interesting observation about the world we in which we live:

“People are analog: As much as the world is going digital, people remain analog. We have emotion and we make decisions that are not entirely rational. We care about how we are perceived, we love our turf and we fear uncertainty. Unless one can understand the human needs and concerns when one is looking to deliver change it can get very difficult.”

Do you understand the human needs and concerns that are bubbling up to the surface in this “digital age”?

Do you recognize that decision making is not entirely rational?

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to create change in the people who pay the bills?

Have you noticed how you have fewer – and therefore more “precious” – moments with these people because of the volume of information, news, opinion and chat they expose themselves to through digital media?

Making those precious moments truly precious is what emotive branding is all about.

Let’s talk about how we can help you deliver the change you need to win in the digital age.

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