Shelby Tramel

Project Manager

“My job is to make everyone else’s job easier. I want to take the friction out of people’s day. As someone with a very diverse background, I love project management because I intimately know how each role needs to perform and collaborate with one another.”

It’s not often that a project manager has personally worked in every role they oversee, but Shelby’s diverse background in marketing, customer experience, design, and QA makes her the perfect person for the job. Coming to San Francisco by way of New York and Texas, Shelby began her career in the NYC fashion scene, holding numerous marketing and PR internships for major brands like DKNY. Taking a brief break from the city grind, she studied abroad in Spain for a year, where she earned her Associate’s degree in Spanish Language and International Business. Settling on the West Coast, Shelby built a portfolio of web design, front-end development, content strategy, and social media marketing at companies like TENDIGI, Deux North, and Strava. Shelby comes to Emotive Brand looking to channel her wide breadth of experience towards meaningful, purpose-driven companies.

Shelby brings clarity and expertise to every project she touches and every team she leads — both internally and externally. Outside of the office, Shelby is an elite competitive cyclist. A distillation of all her strengths, Shelby founded her own nonprofit, “This Team Saves Lives,” a women’s Cyclocross and XC MTB cycling team racing to end severe acute malnutrition. Shelby has the ambition, drive, and curiosity to always challenge herself and never stop learning. She thrives in a team atmosphere and is always eager to go the extra mile.

Fashion Institute of Technology, BA Advertising and Marketing Communications
General Assembly, UX Design Certificate
International College of Sevilla, Spanish Language and International Business
Texas State University, Public Relations

Public Relations Student Society of America President, Fashion Institute of Technology
NCNCA Women’s Series Winner, 1st place

Client work: Western Digital, Lyra Health, Repower Capital, Callan