Shannon Caulfield

Project Manager

“Constant learning is what drives me – new clients, new industries, new challenges. My job requires me to dive deep into materials, immerse myself, understand a project inside out, build new relationships, navigate different terrain, and that inspires me every day.”

As a team player, Shannon is able to ensure that strategy and design come together to deliver the most meaningful deliverables possible to our clients. Her role is to facilitate a productive process, bringing both our entire agency team and the client along on every step of the journey. Her positive and collaborative approach makes her the perfect person to build strong relationships. She always puts the client first and believes that client satisfaction should always be at the heart of the process. Her ability to uncover big insights and see small details allows her to bring both strategic and a planning mindset to the table.

Shannon comes to Emotive Brand with a strong background in branding and marketing. After graduating from Haas School of Business on a full ride, she worked in-house at Sephora on a high-paced, innovative team running their Beauty Insider program. This inspired her to jump into agency life where she worked for SALT Branding as a project manager. Shannon joined Emotive Brand passionate about working for a female-led business, enthralled by the warmth of the agency, and inspired by the close-knit nature of the strategy and design teams.

Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley, BS in Business Administration

Clifford Peterson Award, UC Berkeley

Client work: Callan, Latitude Allergy, Orion Labs