Saja Chodosh


“I believe we should always live in a motion of exploration: learning, evolving, creating, expanding and questioning. Storytelling is at the center of this exploration, and human connection is the heart of stories.”

Coupling strategic thinking with empathy, creativity, and passion, Saja builds brands that merge the rational with the emotional. She believes that every brand has a compelling story to tell, a unique personality to share, and a promise to make the people that matter to its success. Bringing such brands to life requires thoughtful listening and the ability to bring outside thinking in. For her, every day is a day to distill a brand’s essence, expand an organization’s potential, and work collaboratively with clients to create something everyone can rally behind.

After graduating Washington University in St. Louis with a dual degree in English and Marketing, Saja worked as a Brand Journalist for Fusion 360, a PR and SEO agency. Over that last four years at Emotive Brand, she has taken on several roles—Brand Manager, Writer, and now, Strategist, in which she plays a key role in developing, socializing, and activating brand, both internally and externally, for high-growth clients. Outside of work, Saja continues to explore her own poetry and story forms.

Washington University in St. Louis, B.A. English Literature, B.Sc Marketing, Psychology, and Creative Writing

Norma Lowry Memorial Award in Poetry, 2014 and 2015
Leanna Boysko Award for Non-Fiction, 2014
Hatch Award for Best Lyric Poet, 2013 and 2014
Kenyon Award for Creativity, 2010

Client work: Moveworks, Alluma, Sia, Sisu, Slack, Western Digital, Cadence, BrightBytes, Rocksbox