Omar Mohammad


“Design is just another medium. Rather than silo it into a particular practice such as graphic design, web design, UX/UI design, product design, or even architecture, it should be thought of holistically as a tool to create. That’s how I practice design.”

Omar Mohammad is a designer, programmer, and artist whose work brings together graphics, architecture, the internet, code, and cultural studies. His unique multi-disciplinary approach allows him to continually look at design from new perspectives, question conventions, and break constraints. He investigates design within a cultural context, ensuring an output that is both relevant and bold. On top of being a key member of our design team, Omar is always engaged in personal projects to expand his artistry, refuel his creativity, and energize his work at the studio.

Omar comes to Emotive Brand with an unconventional background. He studied electrical engineering and computer science before diving into the design world. Prior to joining our agency, Omar was a designer at SFMOMA where he designed exhibition identities and led animation and interactive projects. Omar has collaborated with Letterform Archive, Oakland Public Library, and Shared Studios. He received his design degree from UC Davis.

UC Davis, BA Design

Client Work: SFMOMA, Letterform Archive, Oakland Public Library, Shared Studios