Kelly Peterson

Director of Client Services

“The strategy and design that goes into creating a brand that can emotionally connect with people involves a great deal of dynamism and fierce structure.”

With her keen attention to detail and ability to see the whole picture, Kelly is able to ensure that Emotive Brand’s client engagements are tightly scheduled, clear, aligned, and always followed through in the best way possible. She is involved in all parts of the process: building, producing, and managing all projects from start to finish. Kelly’s innate communications skills, as well as her calm and efficient work approach, help clients get on board with strategy and creative processes. Her role helps ensure our clients’ success – managing change by developing a relationship, keeping people accountable, and always anticipating what’s next. The role takes both rigor and flexibility, both of which Kelly brings to the table.

Kelly comes to Emotive Brand with a strong background in planning, research, and analytics. Kelly studied Psychology at U.C. San Diego, where she was also captain of the rowing team. Prior to joining Emotive Brand, Kelly worked on social media, content strategy, and marketing analytics for a fast-paced SF startup.

University of California, San Diego, BS in Psychology

Kelly Peterson Dedication Award, UCSD 2015
Team MVP, 2013-2015
Athlete of the Year, 2013
Top 50 Athlete GPAs, 2015

Client work: Citrix, Drawbridge, Unum, Jumpshot, Western Digital, Sia