Katie Lawson-Gill

Project Manager

“Working in a creative environment allows me to see ideas in new perspectives. It captures the individuality of each mind, which teaches me how unique every person is.”

As a team player, Katie is able to ensure that strategy and design come together to deliver the most meaningful deliverables possible to our clients. Her role is to facilitate a productive process, bringing both our entire agency team and the client along on every step of the journey. Her open, adaptive, and collaborative approach makes her the perfect person to build strong relationships. She always puts the client first, looks at challenges from a multiplicity of angles, and dedicates her every day to putting client satisfaction at the heart of our process.

Katie comes to Emotive Brand with a burgeoning background in communications and management. She joins our agency after graduating from Saint Mary’s College of California with a B.A. in Dance and Communication. Throughout school and since graduation, Katie has been cultivating her creativity and collaboration working as a Communication Tutor and Academic Honor Council Co-Chair, and then as the Studio Manager of InstaVital, a virtual Health & Wellness platform. Passionate and helpful by nature, Katie has multiple years of non-profit volunteer work under her belt from working for LEMO Foundation and KarmaHelp Foundation.

Saint Mary’s College of California 

B.A. Dance: Choreography & Performance; Communication