Kate Hansen

Account Director

“Brands are an amazing opportunity to influence people and change the way that we think or behave. That kind of power is fascinating and if used correctly, it can create good in the world.”

Kate acts as a guiding hand for our clients through every project, from start to finish. Her passion for connecting brands to their audience in real, authentic ways makes her an invaluable asset to the team. Kate’s experience in branding — from account management to strategy — gives her the perspective that helps clients get the most out of every project. , Over the years, Kate has seen it all and she brings a holistic, forward-thinking approach to the table every time.

Kate started her 20-year career at Publicis and Hal Riney where she learned the ins and outs of branding. From there she went on to work at firms like Leopold, Ketel & Partners, GSD&M, Wieden & Kennedy, Mckinney, and more. She has partnered with category leaders such as Starbucks, US Air Force, Laika Studios and Focus Features, Nike, and Nationwide Insurance to complement her work in the nonprofit brand space. The most rewarding aspect of her work is identifying how brands can make a tangible difference in people’s lives. This fuels the passion that she brings to the studio every day.

University of California at Santa Barbara, BA in Communications, minor in Professional Writing

Client Work: Sprint, Starbucks, Nike, Nationwide Insurance, U.S. Air Force, New Mexico Tourism, Laika Studios/Focus Features