Jonathan Haggard

Senior Designer

“Anything can contribute to the practice of design. Design is all about using the tools and limitations at hand to communicate a concept as clearly as possible.”

Jonathan Haggard is a multi-disciplinary creative with a skillset that spans design, motion, animation, coding, strategy, and many other fields. From unique apps to experimental brand expressions, he has over 12 years of experience bringing brands to life, including Nike, LinkedIn, Autodesk, and Adult Swim. Previously, Jonathan worked as a Senior Designer at AKQA, where he led experiential installations and brand design for IBM Watson. Before that, he was an Interactive Designer at MetaDesign, where he created interactive experiences for companies such as AIGA, TrueFacet, Texture, and Automatic.

As a restless creative, Jonathan gets bored easily. Perhaps it’s that spirit that has led him into so many interesting avenues: art direction, interface design, writing, photography, and even tattooing. He’s able to leverage the breadth and depth of his creativity into truly unique brand expressions that cut through the noise. Whether it’s for small startups or global enterprises, Jonathan brings rigor and outside-the-box thinking to every project he touches.

Academy of Art University, AA, Web Design New Media