Jonathan Fisher

Director of Production

“My work is inspired by the belief that, as an agency, we can always make our work better. We should continue to adjust the screws and keep infusing life into the brands we help build.”

Jonathan has built his career around making the design process more fluid, both for agencies and clients. Analytical and meticulous, he is never satisfied until clients have exactly what they need to thrive. Jonathan is an expert at identity system implementation and production management but he is also a designer at heart. This breadth of skills allows him a deep understanding of how design teams work as well as an innate empathy for each designer’s style, strengths, and weaknesses. His role is to be an advocate of our creative team, maintain the integrity of their designs throughout the production phase, and to see to it that they are perfectly executed. Jonathan’s innovative solutions ensure creative can be produced in line with strategic objectives and within time and budget.

Jonathan joins Emotive Brand with more than 20 years of design and production management experience at agencies such as Addis, Landor, Bulldog Drummond, and Parker White where he’s been instrumental in the launch of numerous global identity programs and their integration across numerous touch-points. He has worked with Fortune 100 clients, internal creative teams, big and small production teams, and external vendors. Past clients include FedEx, Equinix, British Petroleum, Proctor & Gamble, Better Place, Charles Schwab, and many others. When he’s not working on bringing brands to life, you can find him at the race track or on the ski slopes.

The Art Institute of California, BA, Art & Graphic Design

Client work: British Petroleum, Citrix, Charles Schwab, FedEx, GLIDE, Procter & Gamble