Joanna Schull


“I love helping our clients untangle and simplify complex brand and business challenges. Bit by bit, we examine the issues from various angles until the path forward becomes clear. For me, the shared ‘aha!’ moments are what it’s all about.”

Emotive Brand hinges itself on the power of collaboration and teamwork, and JoAnna adds a honed strategic mind to our team. JoAnna works directly with our clients to help understand the essence of their business, proposing the internal and external strategies necessary to transform the potential of their brand into a reality. A keen facilitator and true visionary, JoAnna’s client management expertise, unparalleled leadership skills and dedication to business, innovation and strategy insure effective and sharp strategy.

Before creating her own successful management consulting company, Schull & Co, JoAnna worked as Senior Director of Strategy at Stone Yamashita Partners. JoAnna has been part of the Emotive Brand team since inception. Over the past fifteen years, JoAnna has led engagements at Alcoa, Adobe, William McDonough’s MBCD / Cradle-to-Cradle initiative, Blue Shield of California, Cisco, Coca-Cola, eBay, Hewlett Packard, Gap Inc., Gap Brand, Global Giving, IBM, Informatica, Lifetime Television, PWC, PubMatic, San Francisco Aids Foundation, SAP, Starbucks, Twitter, and Yahoo.

UCLA, BA English Literature

Client work: IBM, Western Digital, Samsung, Pandora, Twitter, eBay