Jeff Allison

Design Operations Manager

“I’ve always loved the hybrid nature of my role because it blends what I feel are the most interesting aspects of production, design, and operations.”

Coupling experience in design with a passion for the technological aspects of the field, Jeff works to bring our clients’ ideas and our team’s designs together into one seamless production. He works closely with our team of designers in production as well as with our whole team in operations. He thrives in the nuanced, technical aspects of his role and carries every project through to the finish line for our clients.

Jeff worked as a designer in LA before finding a passion for the technical side of design. He then headed to San Francisco to work at MetaDesign as head of production. In 2017, he became a freelancer and worked for companies like Turner Duckworth and Emotive Brand before joining us full time. In his free time, Jeff enjoys cooking and traveling the world—22 countries and counting.

Otis Art Institute & UCLA Extension, Design, Typography, and Fine Art


Client work: Basis, Augtera, EBay, McAfee, Adobe, Samsung, FDB, LiveRamp, MoveWorks, Playground, Topstep, Mayer Brown, RightCapital, Skyflow, Snow, Kinemaster, Material, Wish, Coast, and Sisu