Imri Larsen

Creative Strategy Director

“In our ever-changing world, brand is uniquely poised to meet today’s business climate. I am most interested in how strategy, design, and human emotion can work together to connect brands with their audiences.”

Imri believes that a brand’s success hinges on its ability to tell stories that resonate emotionally. In his role as Creative Strategist, he brings these emotive connections—between thoughts and people—to the forefront. Imri’s deep expertise in both design and strategy makes him the perfect person to bridge disciplines, connect teams, and solve complex brand challenges through the thoughtful leadership of cross-functional teams. Both creative and connected, Imri brings to life compelling brands that can resonate with customers, drive the business, and continually extend in power.

Trained as an industrial designer and established as a strategist, Imri has spent his career finding ways to connect design and strategy to unlock business potential. Through his years consulting in New York City, Imri has defined brand experiences for travel, hospitality, financial services, B2B, and many other industries.

University of Washington, BFA Multi-Disciplinary Design

Under Consideration Brand New Award
Graphic Design USA
American Packaging Award
Gold and Silver Transform Awards

Client List: JetBlue, Starbucks, Black + Decker, Verizon, Disney, Bayer, AT&T, Box, Alcon, GE, and multiple financial services