Giovanna Blackston

Head of Strategy

“The dynamics of the business world are constantly in flux — our attentions are always being diverted by new technologies, new methodologies, and new ways of working. But the power of brand to create focus, drive business activities, unite employees, and foster consumer loyalty is evergreen. This is why I stay in the game.”

Giovanna has a fierce passion for developing brand strategy that translates into actionable, multidimensional in-market plays. This means ensuring that the approach and process is always tailored to what each client needs to be successful. Giovanna leads strategic engagements with a focus on a deep and nuanced understanding of business challenges, an orientation towards close and personal client relationships, and the creation of intelligent, strategic frameworks. A driven leader and intuitive thinker, Giovanna excels at piloting teams through exciting, revealing, and engaging start-to-finish engagements.

Before moving to the Bay Area and founding her own independent consultancy, Giovanna worked for almost a decade at Landor Associates in NYC, where she played a key role in developing brand strategy, engagement, and implementation programs for dozens of US and international clients. Prior to her time at Landor, Giovanna led advertising activities on Sprite, Fanta, and Diet Coke at Coca-Cola in Atlanta, and brought the virtues of branding to non-profits at The Synergos Institute. Giovanna built the first six years of her career at top advertising agencies in New York City where she discovered her love of brand strategy.

Barnard College, Columbia University, BA Sociology

Client work: Pfizer, New York Life, Central Park Conservancy, Dell, Citi, Smith & Nephew, Slack, Rocksbox