Austen Fiora


“Branding is the opportunity to create emotional responses with very little material. Maybe it’s a name, maybe it’s a tagline, maybe it’s a visual identity or maybe it is truly how the experience feels that makes the brand. Whatever it is, it begins in a poetic approach of distillation.”

With a background in editorial writing and brand strategy, Austen works with our clients to ensure every brand platform speaks uniquely to them.  His role is to take a client’s big ideas for their businesses and transform them into platforms that communicate value in original ways. No matter the ask, Austen thrives in the high-level thinking and conceptual approach behind each project.

Austen started his career as a journalist for the New Haven Advocate. From there, he moved into brand strategy at A Hundred Monkeys where he led naming strategy and general brand strategy projects for various clients including Samsung, Google, and Airbus. Austen’s next role was as a brand strategist at Side, a real estate technology company. He finds brand strategy an exciting challenge: weaving a compelling story from the bones of a business. When he’s not in the studio, Austen can be found sailing, spending time in the woods, or reading a good book.

Wesleyan University, BA in English, Theory and Literary Forms

Client Work: Samsung, Airbus, Google, Citrix, Ajinomoto Foods