Aoife Gibbs

Senior Designer

“The beauty of brand design is hidden in the nuances behind every asset. Those small design decisions that you don’t see or notice at first glance are what give every brand their shape and personality.” 

Aoife takes brand strategy and brings it to life. She thrives in figuring out how to elevate a brand and expand it into the physical and digital world to produce a personified, emotional, creative product. Aoife leverages the brand concept and weaves together an emotional and creative brand experience particular to each of our clients. She sees brand creation as full of nuanced, beautiful potential, that when developed thoughtfully, can be powerful and dynamic

Aoife completed her BSC in Architecture from the University of Bahrain. She worked in architecture for six years before eventually completing her BA in Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Phoenix and her MFA in Graphic Design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. From there, she worked as a freelance senior designer with a focus on brand and web design. Aoife has worked with a diversity of brands such as Citrix, Stubhub, Sony, Facebook, and Accenture. As a die-hard F1 fan, she’s particularly proud of designing the logo for the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One team. Before joining Emotive, Aoife was Senior Brand and Visual Designer at Harness Inc.

University of Bahrain, BSC in Architecture

Art Institute of Phoenix, BA Graphic Design

Academy of Art University, MFA Graphic Design

Monotype Academy of Art MFA Award for Design Excellence 2014

Client Work: Pindrop, LiveRamp, Stubhub, Xfinity, MZ Games, Accenture, Sony, Ouster, Visa, Dignity Health, Eleven Inc.