Ali Fisher


“I used to wear crocs but then I went to design school and now I only wear them when I mow the lawn.”

Ali is a Oakland-based designer whose passion circles around finding a story in design. Navigating the language embedded in color and shapes inspires and fulfills her. Throughout her work at Emotive Brand, she continually strives for simplicity as the strongest way of visually communicating a brand’s essence. She is an empathetic collaborator and energized creative whose enthusiasm for co-creation is contagious. When she’s not branding, you can find her taking yoga or skiing with boldness.

Ali comes to Emotive Brand with a background in print and web design. At her previous role as graphic designer at SFMOMA, Ali designed and installed the identities of two exhibitions and one event, through close collaboration with art directors, curators, and printers. Ali has also been a graphic designer at Box and Getty Images where she unified web design and creative responsive campaigns. Ali received her BFA in Visual communication from University of Kansas.

 University of Kansas, BFA Visual Communication and English Concentration

Previous Clients: SFMOMA, Box, Getty images, Spencer Museum