Chad Mitchell


“I like to relate design to a puzzle—when you first open the box, the pieces are jumbled and unorganized (much like the beginning of an idea), but after putting in time and thought, that unorganized mess you started with begins to take shape and slowly turns into something really beautiful.”

Chad is a conceptual thinker and storyteller who is confident in the power of design to create emotional reactions. Chad believes that design that produces meaning on a human level is more impactful than design that is simply aesthetically pleasing. He aims to design brands that reverberate with purpose and emotion. A visual problem solver, highly skilled in branding, typography, and package design, Chad brings the same positive spirit, perseverance, and boldness he exhibits on the soccer field into our studio each day.

Chad’s background as a competitive soccer player and then coach taught him the value of good teamwork and strategic thinking. A born leader, Chad isn’t afraid to take risks with his work. Interested in the interconnectivity of design in the world, Chad uses his fine arts background to create design that isn’t necessarily tied to the computer, translating his wide array of problem-solving skills into the design industry.

Academy of Art University, BA Graphic Design

Garden City Community College, Fine Arts

Client Work: Pubmatic, UPS, Patelco, Prologis, Mcguire, BAL, Cadence, Guidehouse

Merit Award, Graphis New Talent Awards, 2015