Step 6 For Being Meaningful in 2011 – Evolve

What it means holistically:

Acknowledge you’re going to change one way or another and opt for a positive evolution of your attitudes, manners and behavior. Move beyond rationalization and incorporate the emotional. Move from just being to being meaningful.

What it means to brand-owners:

The decision to pursue meaning as the driving force of your business is quite revolutionary.

However, the process from that moment on is truly evolutionary.

Meaning evolves from what is already true, already believed and already felt.

The pursuit of meaning consolidates what’s already there in the abstract into something more tangible, more understood, more usable.

With an agreed meaning, a brand starts to evolve into a meaningful brand.

Meaning opens eyes to new possibilities. 

Meaning opens minds to new ideas.

Meaning opens hearts to new feelings.

Through meaning, a brand evolves the way it reaches out to people.

It’s about evolving your attitudes, manners and behaviors to better convey your brand’s meaning and intent.

Doing this changes the way people respond back to the brand.

  • Employees discover new meaning in what they do. Result: motivated, aligned employees.
  • Customers discover new meaning in what they buy. Result: loyal advocates.
  • Partners, suppliers and distributors discover new meaning in being connected to the brand. Result: a well-oiled machine.
  • Communities discover new meaning in having the brand as a neighbor. Result: market presence.
  • Investors discover new meaning in what the brand has to offer. Result: solid funding.

Meaning leads to a comfortable and natural evolution of the brand’s…

  • Attitudes – the stance the brand takes vis-a-vis other people
  • Manners – the style of the brand’s interactions
  • Behavior – the actions the brand takes, how it reacts, the interactions it creates

With meaning as a guide, brands more readily aim for both a rational and emotional result.

These more profound and meaningful interactions evolve the way people respond back to the brand.

Slowly, but surely, the brand evolves from just being to being truly meaningful to the people vital to its success. 

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