Turning up the volume for a superstar music brand.

We wrote a whole new tune to amplify the Pandora brand. Then sang it out for all to hear.

Services Provided
– Corporate Narrative
– Brand Voice

Did you know that Pandora is one of the top five mobile media services in the world?

Right up there with Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter. What do they have in common? They’re technology companies that are also media companies. There’s a big difference, though. While the others try to be all things to all people, Pandora is all about music. Period.

What’s interesting is that Pandora had to search the soul of their brand to rediscover that truth. Pandora came to Emotive Brand to craft a consistent and compelling brand narrative so everyone, from the CEO down, could answer three key questions: Who is Pandora? Why is Pandora good for Music? What is the Future of Music (and Pandora)?

Our work in the C-suite resulted in a great story that’s true to the brand’s history and lays out the vision for the future. With the executive team in sync, Pandora quickly flowed the narrative into company communications. People immediately noticed the fresh, clear change in tone. The reviews have been glowing.

What We Learned Along the Way

Purpose is powerful.

There’s something inspiring about people who know exactly who they are. Who are not afraid to be strong individuals. We admire those people. The same is true for brands. Brands that know who they are have a strong purpose. Since your brand is the part of the company that connects with people, your purpose needs to shine through, bright and clear.

Take control of the conversation.

Without a consistent brand narrative, companies cannot control their story. When that happens, outsiders can fill the gaps. You need to set the record straight, clarifying who and what matters about your brand. When you tell your story consistently and flawlessly, you command respect on stage and off.

Meet early and often. It takes effort to sound effortless.

Finding a brand’s truth and crafting a powerful narrative is hard work that takes substantial C-level commitment. Respecting executive time and driving quick decisions keeps momentum going and sets the stage for creative work. When the story is just right, it sounds effortless.

“It’s really quite remarkable to see the difference in how investors are talking about Pandora now.”

Sarah Herold, Account Strategist, Emotive Brand

Experience that works

Decide what role you want to play.

To position Pandora for future success, we needed to answers to some fundamental questions about the brand. In our executive workshops, we experimented with core ideas to determine what truly matters to Pandora. And just as important, what doesn’t.

Perform a reality check on your story.

If it’s not refreshed, a company story can get stale. Or miss connecting with people entirely. We ran perception gap workshops to help Pandora identify opportunities for their brand narrative to make a stronger connection with people.

Rehearse performers so they know their parts.

Emotive Brand spends a lot of time in the C-Suite because that’s the level where brand strategy can help solve business problems. With Pandora, we worked extensively with the executive team so everyone understood their role in telling the brand story.

Get everyone on the same page.

If your narrative is going to have meaning, it has to be heard. Pandora started communicating their new brand narrative in public almost immediately. The consistency of the story reinforces the brand for all audiences.