Our Top 10 Posts From 2011 – Thank You Readers!

The Power Of Meaningful Stories

We came across this brilliant film by Jonathan Harris which is a compilation of 365 daily photos he posted to his website starting the day he turned 30 years old.

10 Ways To Be Meaningful

Emotive Brand has compiled this list to inspire brand owners and to show them what it takes to generate meaningful, profitable and enduring connections with the people vital their brand’s success.l

Five Key Differences Between Emotional and Emotive Brands

It’s not too hard to spot an emotional brand. It uses emotions tactically to either make people laugh or to gently tug at their heartstrings. These brands typically only do this through their advertising. Emotive brands are far more rare. These are brands that forge meaningful – and valuable – emotional connections through everything they do.

Spotted: Air New Zealand Latest In-Flight Exercise (Safety) Video

We’ve enjoyed following Air New Zealand’s efforts at “intelligently opposing the expected”. They’ve done it again with this safety video featuring Richard Simmons and flight attendants and customers dressed in exercise gear.

Five Reasons Why B2B Brands Should Become Meaningfully Emotive Brands

We were talking with someone the other week about emotive branding and they said, “Sounds great for consumer brands, but I can’t see it working for a B2B brand.” Well, we begged to differ!

Emotive Branding Secrets

We talk about the key aspects of what we do with and for our clients.

Spotted: 18 Thought Provoking Tweets Worth Exploring

We came across a number of tweets from people who attended this week’s Technology Driven Market Research event, many of which we thought would be worth sharing with you. They touch on a number of interesting ideas which are spinning around in our minds. Hopefully they’ll inspire you as well…

What Is Emotive Branding?

An emotive brand is emotionally important and meaningful to all the people it touches. It gains importance and meaning by consistently evoking a specific set of relevant emotions while constantly living out its reason for being. It uses feelings and meaning to enhance, support and extend its rational story. 

Our offering

An emotive brand behaves in a way that makes it more appealing to people and more differentiated from its competition. It brings a special blend of logic and emotion to every encounter it has with people. It succeeds because it earns a new, more meaningful place in the lives of the people vital to its success. As such, it gains key business advantages: including differentiation, appeal, loyalty and engaged workforce.

“We are not thinking machines that feel; rather, we are feeling machines that think.” – Antonio Damasio

Thanks to Tom Asacker for bringing this great quote to light.

Employee Engagement

On this page we’ve consolidated many of our best stories about the role emotive branding can play in aligning, motivating and inspiring employees. We believe great brands emanate a power from within – from deep in the hearts and minds of people united around a clear reason for being and wanting to leave people feeling something special every time they deal with the brand


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