Need to meaningfully engage employees?

engage employees

It is not easy to meaningfully engage employees.

A study of some 90,000 employees worldwide shows that 71% of employees are, at best, only moderately engaged at work.

The report is interesting because it also points out that “…engagement has little to do with employee programs, per se.”

Rather, engagement is rooted in the “interpersonal” or “relationship” elements of the work experience.

As such, employees really care about…

What kind of leaders do I have and what is my leadership’s focus and commitment?

What this company stand for?

What is my ability to build skills and advance in my career?

Our focus is on helping business leaders address the second employee concern: what meaningful position the company seeks to have in this world

We develop meaningful and emotive employer brand programs. We do this through a new language that helps employees see the personal relevance and feel the emotional importance of that meaningful position.

More important, we give the people of the organization tools they can use to ensure that the workplace becomes a meaningful one based on how employees motivate themselves, deal with each other and interact with the outside world.

We create a brand platform on which a new, more engaging and meaningful relationship can be forged between business and employees.

We aim to make that relationship mutually beneficial:

Employees gain the satisfaction of feeling more involved in, engaged with, and dedicated to, their work.

Businesses gain the benefits of being driven ahead by an aligned, motivated and engaged workforce.

In many ways, what we do also helps address employee cares about “my leadership’s focus and commitment”.

By bringing to the table a new expression of what the company stands for and why people should care about it, emotive branding can help business leaders demonstrate “focus and commitment” in a way that is understood, valued and acted upon by employees.

Read more from The Meaningful Workplace white paper by downloading here.

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