Law Firm Branding Project: Launching with Impact

law firm branding project

A law firm branding project isn’t just about the strategy or the creative – it’s about getting the law firm ready, aligned, and joined together behind the change. A new brand is an opportunity to build excitement and momentum around the future of your law firm. And the launch plays a large role in this.

But launching a global law firm brand and figuring out how you are going to share it with the people who matter to your business is no small task.

Here are some tips for launching your new brand:

Although pushing your new website live is often the symbol of a new launch, there’s a lot of things to consider that can create energy and excitement, and generate momentum before and after.

In fact, without any prior knowledge, a lot of people within your firm might consider branding as ‘marketing fluff’ – having nothing to do with what they do or care about. So a successful launch needs to convince them otherwise. Even if partners haven’t been involved with the project, the launch needs to validate the time, money and energy spent on the branding project. Prior to launch, it’s critical to lay the groundwork that will prepare internal audiences for what’s to come.

This is an opportunity to bring everyone together and rally behind the new brand. For a global law firm, it’s especially important for people across offices to see that everyone is engaged and celebrating the new brand.

Every law firm and its brand are different and your launch tactics should be guided by your brand strategy. When you are ready to press ‘go,’ here are some general tactics to consider:

  • Save the dates: build anticipation and excitement around the launch
  • A giveaway: gives people something that symbolizes the new brand.
  • A retreat: gets people aligned and rallied behind the brand.
  • A task force and/or brand ambassadors: facilitate and support training in each global office.
  • A Brand Book & or Brand Video: a rallying cry that brings everything together in an emotive and impactful way.
  • Internal and external newsletters: discuss what the change means and where the new brand will take the business.
  • A letter to clients: explains the new launch and what it means specifically for them.
  • Documentation and social sharing on launch day: spreads excitement across offices.
  • Brand central: allows people in each global office to go and pull down new collateral.
  • A brand manager: maintains momentum and keeps the brand on track and time, making sure resources are being allocated correctly.

Creating momentum around a launch is one thing. Maintaining momentum and keeping the brand impactful is another. When a brand is launched with success, it is able to maintain the momentum it needs to keep doing the work it needs to do for your business – positioning it to be competitive, grow, and thrive.

Check out how our latest law firm branding project for our client, BAL, created a brand that positioned their law firm to be a major player in the corporate immigration market, and launched that brand with success.

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