JCPenney Stakes Out A Meaningful Position

After 100 years, JCPenney has placed a new stake in the ground.

They are seeking a meaningful position in the “this weekend only” world of retail.

They are turning everything upside down in the hope of mattering more to people who have been left shell-shocked by a field of pushy, hysterical and “me-too” retailers.

They are seizing the opportunity to bridge the “meaning gap” to more clearly see the world through the eyes of their customers.

Under the leadership of Ron Johnson, who established Apple in the retail space after juicing up Target, JCPenney is going through what some are calling it’s “Think Different” moment.

Of course, the proof will be in the pudding.

JCPenney knows it had “picked up a few bad habits over the decades” and is now looking to leave them behind.

No doubt, Mr Johnson has a big bag of good habits for his people to adopt.

Habits that will result in behavior that changes the way people feel, and the way people feel about JCPenney.

This will be a story worth following.


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