Is Your Mindful Leadership Instinct Unnaturally Suppressed?

mindful leadership

Some thoughts on mindful leadership from Emotional Business by Ravi Rao:

“Individual leaders also face a false dichotomy to forge their identity as a rigorous, results-oriented tyrant or be a nurturing, naive softy who doesn’t meet targets. In some settings, an individual leader is perceived as powerful and effectual only if she is unemotional.”

“Contrary to the expectation that leaders can emulate machines, positions of power are actually centers of intense emotional experience; responsibility, loyalty, and trust are profound concerns in the mind of a leader. Nonetheless, the business climate has favored delegitimizing such emotional considerations.

“The instinct of a spectacular leader is to have emotional awareness of those around him in order to support the requirements for long-term company success.

“Today, this leadership instinct is suppressed.”

Time to wake up to the value and rewards of allowing emotion into your leadership practices, your workplace behavior and your brand’s presence.

Mindful leadership is not a replacement for your business strategies, but rather an additional dimension that adds value to what you do, and an emotional connection to who you do it with.

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