Irritating Ads Give Way to Conversations That Matter

For too long, marketers have relied on TV ads to create “awareness” for their products and services.

Relying on the ideas of “impact” and “frequency,” the most aggressive TV ad marketers have proved so irritating that people reached for the remote, bought TiVos, or simply stop watching television.

Today smart businesses are recognizing that the most effective way of getting people to know about, try and buy their products and services is through word of mouth.

And the most effective word of mouth – be it delivered through social media or through personal conversation – is fueled with ideas that matter both to the person telling the story and the person hearing it.

As such, winning businesses have a purpose beyond profit, an emotional aura about them, and a way of behaving that people notice, appreciate, and want to tell other people about.

Want to get people talking about your product or service? Want people to buy more of your product or service? Want people to respect, appreciate and love your product or service?

Then make it matter to people.

Get them to care about it.

Make it meaningful on multiple levels.

And thrive.

Cartoon by Hugh Macleod.

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