HR Director Is The New Marketing Director?

Our friend Tom Fishburne once again creates a clever cartoon to make an important point: “the best brands and businesses market from the inside out”.

To quote Tom, “We all work in marketing, no matter our functional expertise.  Everyone in the company has the ability to impact the brand, whether they work in accounts payable or marketing. That means that the HR Director is the new Marketing Director.  Recruitment is as important to how a brand is marketed as creating a marketing plan.”

In our parlance, the best brands grow from the inside out by fostering a culture that truly matters to people. But we’re all talking about the same thing: creating a workplace in which the business cares about its employees and employees care about what they do. Call it marketing or call it branding or call it business, it really is just plain common sense. 

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  1. You can watch the full recording of Tom’s talk for this event here It was a great talk so I hope you enjoy it too!

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