How Many of Your Employees Have Already Checked Out

David Hieatt posted a series of photos showing pages from a book that never made it to the printers.

It’s a fascinating insight into a powerful work-in-progress that we hope he’ll soon get published.

The photo above struck us as particularly relevant to business leaders today.

In our paper, “The Meaning Gap”, we explore how the interests of businesses, and the people formerly known as employees, are going in separate directions.

We also explore the consequences for businesses.

Why are employees checking out emotionally?

There are many reasons why a specific employee may “leave the company emotionally, long before they do physically.”

Some of these reasons the company simply cannot address or control.

But there is one reason that is very much under the company’s control.

More and more employees are checking out emotionally because they don’t see how their work matters.

As a result they feel an emptiness, an unfulfilled need, and, quite frankly, a sadness.

Giving people reasons to feel their work truly matters

Rattled by uncertain economic times and disenchanted with marketing hype, people today are seeking ways to create new meaning in their lives.

They want their lives – what they believe, what they do, what they buy – to matter to themselves, to their community, and to the world.

When a business recognizes this issue among its employees, and takes the steps necessary to address their employee’s needs, great things happen.

By choosing to matter in ways beyond simply generating profits, a business gives its employees a gift.

A business that matters stands apart and earns the respect, admiration, and trust of its employees.

Employees are proud to be associated with such businesses. They work hard to help them succeed and they champion the business inside and outside the company.

Once inspired by a Purpose Beyond Profit, employees are more focused, devoted, and purposeful in their work.

They collaborate with greater ease, eagerly contribute new ideas, and create a workplace culture that is supportive, respectful, and nurturing.

All this goodwill resonates with the rest of the world, touching consumers, partners, suppliers, investors, and others in far more emotionally meaningful ways.

It all starts here

It all starts by recognizing that the business cannot afford to have emotional zombies sitting in meetings, making decisions, and leading others.

Reach out to your employees in ways that make them feel their work is worth doing.

Create and nurture a workplace culture built on meaning.

Let the resulting positive feeling permeate the marketplace in a way that makes your business more attractive, more differentiated, and more desired.


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