How Clear Is Your Business Vision to the People on the Ground?

In the hallowed halls of the C-Suite, your business vision seems clear.

But down on the street, in the halls, in the meeting rooms, in the labs, in the factories, in the warehouses, at the desks, and around the water cooler, your vision is hard to see.

What else would explain why your organization is failing to keep up with the competition, why customers are going elsewhere, why it is getting harder and harder to hire good people, and why investors are starting to fidget?

What can you do to make your vision crystal clear – and actionable?

It could be that your “C-Suite ready” vision doesn’t feel personally relevant or emotionally important to the troops. The language, the story, and the meaning behind your vision can all work harder when they are aligned to the needs, interests, values, and aspirations of your employees.

A manifesto is one tool to use. It can capture the intent of your vision and represent it in a way that makes sense to employees across your organization. It can help them see the reason “why” they should believe in the vision, and point to the ways they can individually, and as teams, work to help realize your vision.

Don’t simply “forward” your vision to your people. Get it translated into something that will inspire, engage, and activate your employees to make it a reality.

Photo by Spencer Holtaway

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